Friday, August 5, 2011

Little Miss Sew and Sew | Seed Sack Pillow

The summer before my 10th grade year i took some sewing classes.  Actually it was more like my mom found a seamstress and asked if she could teach me and i could help her along the way.  So it was just me and Ms. Ruthie every Tuesday for the summer. She would teach me how to thread the machine and use it.  Sometimes it seemed like all i would be going was ripping out seams for her. I think the first thing i made was a pillow. Later came a dress and a halter top. I think i helped her make a veil and helped with her customers things too.  After the summer was over i think i made a messenger bag for school (we weren't allowed to have a backpack but i pretended it was my purse).  Then i made pillows for my friends for Christmas.  Since then i have fiddled around here and there making things, sewing on ribbons on my pointe shoes, hemming and what not.  My brother would ask me to fix his pants from time to time.

I was using my moms sewing machine that she bought for my grandmother in the 70's.  It was a pretty good machine but it seemed (seamed ;) i couldn't resist) like the past year or two it kept messing up on me.  When we moved to STL my mom wanted to keep the machine with her.  The past several months I have been wanting to make things and haven't been able too.  So the other day i found one online and ordered it.  I was waiting all day for it to come and finally at 6 o'clock on the dot the UPS man knocked on our door.  I was so excited!  It has all these little features on it that i was not used too. A self threader, these little blades hear and there to cut the thread off, tons of different seam patterns, 3 different speeds, and probably other stuff i just haven't figured out yet.  It may not be the fanciest, but its better than nothing and I'm not that experienced.

A few months back i found a seed sack at an antique store and wanted to make a pillow out of it.  So last night i was finally able too.  It only took me a few minutes. 


  1. I like it!...can you make those little finger-less gloves on that machine and send them by winter?...hehe. And is your headboard one of those tri-fold partitions/screens for dressing? Also nice. We have this knitting book called 'stitchin' bitch'...some good ideas in there too, if you wanna knit.

  2. I can try and make them but you may be better off trying to knit them. I'll have to try knitting. And yes that is a tri-fold partition screen. We had it in the room you stayed in last covering Jeromes closet but moved it to behind our bed last week. We have done losts of rearranging since you guys have been here last.

  3. I love how your apartment is coming together. It looks awesome! Can't wait to see it for real.


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