Thursday, August 18, 2011

Paper Mache Deer Head

I first saw the idea here way back in October.  Then i saw the paper mache animal heads at Anthropologie and decided that i want to make my own. It wasn't till December that i actually tried to make it; with it being all snowy, i was itching to do some sort of project.  I went out and bought the wood plaque and the rest i already had.  I didn't quite use everything the magazine said to use so i improvised a little. I only happen to take one picture of it before i was finished...

All i used was a plastic bottle for its neck, balled up newspaper for the head and base, and i wrapped newspaper around a pencil to get the antlers shape (later removed pencil). I also cut out cardboard for the ears.  I mixed Elmers glue and water for the paste.  Mod Podge would probably work just as good though.

It took awhile and it was messy, but i was happy with the final result.


Updated picture!!
Finally up on the wall

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