Monday, August 15, 2011

Weekend journeys

This past weekend we went to Forest Park to walk around since it was nice weather.  When we walked past this stream i saw these honeycomb/wasps nests looking stem sticking out.  I've seen them before in pictures for display or something, but this was the first time i had ever seen them in person.  If anyone knows what they are called i would love to know!  UPDATE:   My mom emailed me and told me that they are called Lotus Seed Pods.  Of course she would know, being a Master Gardener and all ;)  Thanks Ma.

I kept wanting to go back and try and get some.  I wasn't sure i was going to be able to get down there because along the edge was very over grown and it was kinda far down.  I didn't really try though.  So yesterday afternoon i kept thinking about them and had to have them.  We went back to this spot but it wasn't possible to get down there and there were so many people around.  We kept wondering if it was illegal or we would get in trouble for taking them from the park.  While driving in i thought i saw some in a more remote hidden area so we went back.  Got 'em!

Found this little bottle this morning while i was on my morning walk with Ziva.
The little comb stem thing broke while we were pulling them and so when i saw
the bottle i knew it would be perfect for it.

Here are a few other pictures from the weekend...


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