Monday, August 8, 2011

Come Fly With Me

I made this little hot air balloon out of felt the other day.  Actually last weekend i made one but it was stitched by hand and was a very rough draft and was a huge mess.  I threw it away.  So when i got my new machine i knew it would have to be faster, easier, and look better.   Well it still took me a long time because i kept trying to make the basket a certain way and it wasn't working.  I eventually found a way.  Every time i hear the song Come Fly With Me i think of flying in a hot air balloon. So i was singing it the whole time i was making it.  I made a little kite too but that was before the machine and it doesn't look too hot. I'll have to try a new one of those.  I was thinking it would make a cute baby mobile or in a baby's room. 

My camera got really foggy when i first went outside.
 But i liked this picture anyway.

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